True Crime/Dark Celebrity Stories

Is the “Soft White Underbelly” Exploiting People on the Fringes of Society?

I’ll let you decide for yourself because I’m not sure The “Soft White Underbelly” Youtube channel is the pet project of a 60-year-old photographer named Mark Laita. Laita interviews pimps, sex workers, addicts, shooting victims, and even Ku Klux Klan members and pays them money for their interviews. In these somberly-lit videos, the people being Read More

All About Gothic Fashion

What we should’ve learned from this subculture I’ll start by saying that I was not part of the goth subculture. I loved the goth look and would wear random accessories like spiked bracelets and black clothing. However, I was never brave enough to go “full goth” like some of my friends did. The gothic subculture Read More

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness: The Casey Johnson Story

The life and death of an heiress Casey Johnson was one of the heiresses to the billion-dollar healthcare company Johnson & Johnson. She was young, beautiful, and rich but she died alone on January 4, 2010, at the age of thirty. Her father, Robert Woody Johnson IV, is the great-grandson of Robert Woody Johnson who Read More

Free Britney Spears: Why This Movement Has Become Viral

Britney Spears is a 38-year-old American pop star who starred in “The Mickey Mouse Club” at the age of eleven. Subsequently, she rose to an astronomical level of fame in 1997 with her hit song “Hit Me Baby One More Time” at the age of 16. Unlike many stars who became famous in the 1990s Read More

Her Name Was Cindy: The Post-Mortem Objectification of an Aboriginal Mother of Three

A story of injustice and posthumous disrespect in a Canadian courtroom Aboriginal Canadian women have been going missing and being found murdered since the early seventies. I research these cases frequently and they are very interesting to me. However, lately, I find myself feeling sad and jaded when reading about them. I get so upset Read More

A Missing Indigenous Woman Was Mistaken as a White Woman

Loretta’s story: Exploring the impact of racial profiling on missing person cases I have been researching missing and murdered indigenous women cases for several years. Currently, there is evidence of over one thousand cases of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. Also, the rate of homicide for Aboriginal women is seven times higher than Read More

A Little Girl Lost: How the Canadian Child Welfare and Justice Systems Failed Tina Fontaine

The tragic story of a young Aboriginal girl who fell through the cracks of a fractured system Tina Fontaine was a young aboriginal girl from Winnipeg, Manitoba. At 15-years-old, her body was found in the Red River. She was brutalized, wrapped in plastic, and weighed down by rocks. How did Tina, a young, beautiful girl Read More

The 10 Lessons I Have Learned From Researching True Crime for a Decade

Stay alert and stay safe! I don’t know how I lived without the internet as long as I did. I love having thousands of pages of facts at my fingertips. My favorite research topic is true crime. Due to the dark turn the world has taken, I’ve been avoiding researching the “dark side” as much Read More

Wayfair’s Sex Trafficking Controversy: Conspiracy Theory or Truth?

Is this viral story fact or fiction? I’ll let you decide for yourself.  UPDATE: Two of the girls who have been wrongfully connected to this “scandal”, have contacted me via social media to ask me to remove their stories and names. These girls are being harassed online and contacted by worried relatives daily. Please refrain Read More