About Me

Hi! I’m Rain and welcome to “Raining on Darkness”.

This is a website dedicated to all things strange: If you enjoy reading about hoaxes, true crime, and social issues, this is the place for you.

I am a freelance writer who writes on the platform Medium. Although I have done well there, I have always wanted to create my own website.

I love to discuss the cases I explore here, so don’t be afraid to respectfully share your opinions!

I do not rely on politics or care about the left and right sides when exploring an issue.

A hoax is a hoax regardless of its political affiliation.

This site was originally going to be about chronic illnesses, as I deal with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis daily but recently, I have discovered that I enjoy writing investigative pieces exposing various social issues and debunking hoaxes.

This site is in its infancy, so please be kind while I build my brand.

Join me as I rain on the darkness in the world!